sheer noir.

Sheer black was all over the New York Fashion Week runways. I’ve been a fan of sheet shirts for awhile now, and was happy to see the different ways a sheer material can be used. Obviously some of the looks on the runways can not directly correspond to real life – you definitely can’t cruise into work in the dress above! But the runway shows always give some great ideas for how to incorporate a more muted sheer into your wardrobe. Below are some ideas!


all that glitters.

Glitter isn’t only reserved for New Year’s Eve parties or red carpet events. More and more I am seeing glitter statement pieces that are being paired with everyday items – a nice way to tone down the statement piece and make it ready-to-wear. While good-quality pieces made with glitter are pricey – they are something that isn’t worn often, making them pieces that will last. Below are some really cute wears to wear glitter statement pieces.