fun florals.

School clearly got the best of me these past few weeks and blogging fell off my radar. In that time, spring has sprung (kind of!). The temperatures are fluctuating daily and things are starting to finally warm up. With spring comes flowers – both in gardens and our clothes! I am a big fan of floral print as it can look great on everyone. Below are a few ways to wear floral – without looking like a grandma.


sheer noir.

Sheer black was all over the New York Fashion Week runways. I’ve been a fan of sheet shirts for awhile now, and was happy to see the different ways a sheer material can be used. Obviously some of the looks on the runways can not directly correspond to real life – you definitely can’t cruise into work in the dress above! But the runway shows always give some great ideas for how to incorporate a more muted sheer into your wardrobe. Below are some ideas!


I am really happy that mint has come back into style and appears as though it is here to stay through the Spring and into the Summer. Mint is everywhere – fashion, beauty, home decor and even food! I admire people who can pull off statement mint pieces, but for those of us who are a little worried about how the colour looks on, there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your life without having to wear it! Below are some awesome mint items and looks.


Remember when you were a kid, and you’d head to summer camp for a week or two? One of the best activities at summer camp was learning to tie-dye. It was fun, it sometimes got messy, and you created unique clothing. As a kid I used to always associate tie-dye with the stereotypical ’60s ‘hippie’ – not that I really had any understanding of that era. Tie-dye is back in a big way – and tons of summer ’13 collections are featuring tie-dye pieces that are easy to work into a wardrobe. My favourite? Tie-dye denim. See some of my favourites below.

friday favourites

Happy Friday! This weekend is going to be jam packed with friends, work, and my little dancers mini recital. I am super excited to see some friends from university who are travelling into the province for a few days. I haven’t seen some of them since graduation, so tonight will be a fantastic chance to catch up and have a fun night out.

Have a super weekend!

favourite look: lace up bikini.

favourite hairstyle: side pony, perfect for a lazy day.

favourite food: birthday donuts!

favourite words.