spring fever is here.

Spring is officially in season, and although the weather isn’t quite co-operating yet, spring activities are in full swing. I like to make lists of things each season that I want to do – things a little more fun than just going to dinner with friends, or heading to a pub after work. Toronto is a great city, filled with tons of things you can do both indoors and out. Here are a few of the things I want to do this season.

go to a Blue Jays game – the Skydom (..sorry, Rogers Centre) is one of my favourite venues for concerts, games, and other events – especially in the spring/summer when they open the roof!

grow a succulent terrarium – I currently have a little cactus that my boyfriend bought me in the fall, but I don’t know how well the little guy is doing in this cold weather. I want to research more, buy a few more succulents and have a little garden.

spring clean – especially my closet! It is definitely time to switch out the big wool sweaters for shorts and fun spring skirts.

go to a concert – I love going to concerts, both indoors and out. With summer festivals right around the corner, now is the time to start booking tickets!

go to an amusement park – I find spring is the best time to do this because you don’t get sunburnt!


keeping cards.

If you take a look around my room, you will find drawers filled to the brim with cards of all kinds. Cards from my earliest birthdays, home made christmas cards from friends, cards filled with some of the most heart-felt words for special occasions. If you are like me, you can’t bare to throw them out – you never know when that birthday card may contain the last words ever written to you from someone you love. So what does one do with piles of unorganized cards? Here are two of my favourite ideas for card organization – a way to keep them safe, pleasantly showcased and organized.

use binder rings and a hole punch to create a ‘book’ of cards.

use file folders to organize cards by year.

ps – in the age of technology, a great way to ensure you never lose your cards is to scan, and organize them on your laptops!

moving up and onwards.

There is something to be said about moving. Packing, unpacking, organizing, and donating. Moving really forces you to evaluate all the material things that you have in your life – and when it boils down to it, that is what they really are, just things. As someone who has trouble trowing things away in fear of forgetting or losing memories, the amount of clutter that as accumulated over the past 4 years while I have been away at university is astounding. Now I am spending my days trying to pack two rooms into one – a battle that I am quickly losing. But fear not! I have found some super great ways to purge through my things, while still holding on to a few key items that will forever remind me of my time in university.

Idea 1: Scrapbooking – I had a small fling with scrapbooking in middle school, but I realize it is probably one of the best ways to save, and show off, all my paper memories from University (such as ticket stubs, event bracelets, etc)!

Idea 2: Re-organizing my bulletin board to feature a picture frame making it look more like art, and less like a jumble of pictures.

Idea 3: Creating a gallery wall with lots of fun frames.

organization nation.

I love jewellery. Everyday pieces, costume jewellery, cocktail rings, anklets in the summer, and the list goes on. Finding the right piece of jewellery for an outfit is such a fun challenge. But I hate at the end of the day having to put all my beautiful pieces back in their boxes where I can’t see them. I read this post on The Doctor’s Closet that really sparked my interest. Why not organize your jewellery in a way that makes it almost like art?! While I would love to own a piece of furniture like the one above, I have found a few simpler ideas that I can do now, until I own a nice big walk in closet.

Idea One: Using only the bottoms of jewellery boxes, lined with some fun fabrics or patterned paper!

Idea Two: Using a curtain rod and S hooks to hang necklaces!

Idea Three: Use your favourite one-of-a-kind dishes as jewellery holders!