friday favourites.

2013 ride to conquer cancer.

2013 ride to conquer cancer.

Yesterday I signed up for the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer which benefits the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. The ride takes place over 2 days in 2013, and I’ll be expected to ride my bike for over 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls. While I am no where near ready to complete a ride like this, the thing I’m most worried about is raising the minimum donation of $2500. If anyone has some awesome fundraising ideas let me know!

Here are some of my favourites from the week.

favourite centrepiece: cotton candy.

favourite winter accessory: a big pompom hat.

favourite eat: ice cream.

favourite words.


happy hour.

Being a twenty-something who has grown up with the internet, and reality television, has led to a very clouded view of what life after university would be like. Unlike the MTV stars of the world, I’m not living in my own two bedroom apartment in downtown LA sipping on Veuve every night while out on the town – although kudos to my awesome boyfriend who did get me a bottle for graduation (it tasted amazing and was well worth the splurge!). Toronto is definitely not LA or NYC, but the bar scene is still ridiculously expensive. Unlike the reality tv stars I watch weekly, my income is not endless, and will not allow me to frolic around downtown every night of the week. Because of this, I have had to scour the internet for drinks that are cheap to make at home, but look expensive, taste great, and can be served when friends come over. Below are a few of my top picks.

pink lemonade cocktail – water, sugar, grenadine, lemon, and vodka.

dirty shirley – sprite, grenadine, cherry vodka (doesn’t have to be grey goose, although the recipe is from them!).

champagne treat – ice cream, raspberries, and champagne (doesn’t have to be veuve, but a girl can dream.)