friday favourites.

Last weekend was a long weekend and I was lucky enough to go up to my cottage. There was plenty of snow, and lots of friends, which meant I had a great time. This weekend I am going to see the final tour of Swedish House Mafia and I am super excited about that. They are an amazing group and I’m sure their live show won’t disappoint! Here are some of my favourites from this week.

favourite decor: white with coloured pops

favourite fun hair colour: deep plum

favourite food: hot chocolate sundaes

favourite words:



I am really happy that mint has come back into style and appears as though it is here to stay through the Spring and into the Summer. Mint is everywhere – fashion, beauty, home decor and even food! I admire people who can pull off statement mint pieces, but for those of us who are a little worried about how the colour looks on, there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your life without having to wear it! Below are some awesome mint items and looks.

book worm.

Even with the growing popularity of ebooks, and ebook readers, I am still one of those people like prefers to buy a hardcopy of the majority of my books. Why? There is just something about holding a book in your hands, and being able to turn all the pages, that I still really love – and I love to display my books on my bookshelf when I’m finished reading them! Books are like art, and they can be displayed in a similar way. Like coffee table books, they really can breathe some life into a room and really act as a conversation starter. Below are some awesome ways to display your book collection!


I love patterns – especially mixing patterns in outfits or rooms. A great accent to any living space is some sort of a pattern feature. Accent pillows are an easy way to incorporate a pattern into a room, but for those more daring, there are tons of other ways to create feature spots using patterns in a space. One pattern I am adoring right now is chevron. It’s classy, timeless, and really bold. Below are a few ways I would love to use chevron in a house – if I had a whole house to re-do!

chevron floor.

chevron art piece.

chevron bedspread.

chevron chair.

burn, baby, burn.

It’s November, and it is getting pretty cold here in Toronto. I hate being cold (like really, really, hate it), and do everything I can to stay warm – in university it got so bad that I had a portable heater in my room, and a heated mattress pad on my bed. My house has a fireplace, which is what I have grown to associate being cozy with. I love curling up by the fire with a nice big blanket and reading a good book – especially up north at my cottage in the winter! Fireplaces are becoming a little less common in new houses, but I think they can really look good in a family room. More modern homes are starting to use fireplaces as a piece of art – placing them in unconventional ways. I need to buy a house!