sheer noir.

Sheer black was all over the New York Fashion Week runways. I’ve been a fan of sheet shirts for awhile now, and was happy to see the different ways a sheer material can be used. Obviously some of the looks on the runways can not directly correspond to real life – you definitely can’t cruise into work in the dress above! But the runway shows always give some great ideas for how to incorporate a more muted sheer into your wardrobe. Below are some ideas!


spots and stripes.

Just because it is freezing outside (and sometimes inside because my school still has the air-conditioning on!!), doesn’t mean you have to put away all your dresses, skirts and shorts. Tights have made a huge comeback over the past few years – coming in every style, colour and design imaginable. I’m a big fan of tights during the late fall and winter seasons because they can really be a focal point of an outfit – especially if you wear a more daring pair. They can also really dress up an outfit – and of course can keep you a little bit warmer. Below are a few that I have found online – I’ve been on the hunt for some similar pairs!

large polka dots

spots and stripes.

small polka dots.

stripe down the back of each leg.


In November I am attending my first Queen’s University alumni event – and to say I am excited is an understatement. The event is ‘black-tie optional’, which is always a challenge when looking for a dress. As it is an alumni event, the dress can’t be too over the top – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! I haven’t found a dress yet, but I have been looking for ones with fun detailing on the back – backless, bows, etc. Something that will steer clear of the average LBD, but will not be to over the top. Below are a few dresses that have interesting backs, yet are still appropriate for the event.