sheer noir.

Sheer black was all over the New York Fashion Week runways. I’ve been a fan of sheet shirts for awhile now, and was happy to see the different ways a sheer material can be used. Obviously some of the looks on the runways can not directly correspond to real life – you definitely can’t cruise into work in the dress above! But the runway shows always give some great ideas for how to incorporate a more muted sheer into your wardrobe. Below are some ideas!



Indigo is everywhere this fall. It’s in fashion, it’s in interior decorating, it is popping up everywhere. While I’ve always been more of a navy fan, indigo (or lapis in some cases) has really started to grow on me. Why you ask? I hate (x1000) wearing navy blue and black – I know, I know, it’s not really that bad, it doesn’t necessarily clash, and lots of people do it. But there is just something about that colour combo that drives me insane. Indigo and black, however, I have no problem with. Indigo isn’t the most flattering colour on me, but I am trying to incorporate the colour slowly with accessories and shirts – rather than a full on dress! Here are some of awesome indigo pieces.

Banana Republic purse.

a sheer indigo blouse.

indigo of all kinds for men.

stunning indigo dress. the shoes are to die for!


In November I am attending my first Queen’s University alumni event – and to say I am excited is an understatement. The event is ‘black-tie optional’, which is always a challenge when looking for a dress. As it is an alumni event, the dress can’t be too over the top – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! I haven’t found a dress yet, but I have been looking for ones with fun detailing on the back – backless, bows, etc. Something that will steer clear of the average LBD, but will not be to over the top. Below are a few dresses that have interesting backs, yet are still appropriate for the event.

going for gold.

Olympic fever has officially hit me. Although Canada is currently tied for last place in the standings, I am still rooting for them – I know they will pull through! All the chats about the olympics, the standings, and of course London, has really put the idea of incorporating metallics into my life. Gold is something I don’t wear a lot of, but I think it is such a bold statement colour. Here are a few ways that I am thinking of incorporating some gold into my looks.

Go big or go home! A bold, and so amazing, gold sequin dress.

A gold mani!

Play up your face with some gold eyeshadow.

Bold, big and chunky gold accessories.

friday favourites.

It’s Friday! This week was spent working, seeing friends, and meeting new friends! I’m headed up north to my best friend’s cottage and am very excited about spending some time on the lake. As well, the Bachelorette finale is this coming Sunday – yes, it is an awful show, but it is so easy to get sucked into watching! I know who I want to win!

Here are some of my favourites from this week:

favourite snack: raspberry sorbet in a lemon bowl.

favourite look: long sleeved mini.

favourite DIY: glitter bottom wine glasses.

favourite laugh.