fun florals.

School clearly got the best of me these past few weeks and blogging fell off my radar. In that time, spring has sprung (kind of!). The temperatures are fluctuating daily and things are starting to finally warm up. With spring comes flowers – both in gardens and our clothes! I am a big fan of floral print as it can look great on everyone. Below are a few ways to wear floral – without looking like a grandma.


collars and cable knit.

Woke up to a light layer of snow on the ground this morning, which means that winter is almost here. My school has decided that the heat doesn’t need to be on all the time, so I’ve been a culprit of wearing way more layers and scarves than one should. As I am perpetually cold, I often shop for large knits that allow room for other pieces underneath. One of my go-to layered looks is wearing a button up shirt underneath some of my big knit sweaters. Below are a few examples!


Indigo is everywhere this fall. It’s in fashion, it’s in interior decorating, it is popping up everywhere. While I’ve always been more of a navy fan, indigo (or lapis in some cases) has really started to grow on me. Why you ask? I hate (x1000) wearing navy blue and black – I know, I know, it’s not really that bad, it doesn’t necessarily clash, and lots of people do it. But there is just something about that colour combo that drives me insane. Indigo and black, however, I have no problem with. Indigo isn’t the most flattering colour on me, but I am trying to incorporate the colour slowly with accessories and shirts – rather than a full on dress! Here are some of awesome indigo pieces.

Banana Republic purse.

a sheer indigo blouse.

indigo of all kinds for men.

stunning indigo dress. the shoes are to die for!

patched up.

A big trend this fall with blazers and cardigans has been the resurgence of elbow patches. Whenever I think of elbow patches, a professor dressed in an outfit like the one above pops into my head. However, this season I have really liked the look, and the sophistication, that comes with these added patches. They really make an otherwise bland piece into something special and with character. As the trend is growing, there are lots of different styles, colour combos, and fabrics being used. Below are a few of my favourites that I have seen.

a bedazzled elbow patch.

a DIY heart elbow patch.

a new fabric – leather.

orange you glad?

Orange is a colour that I had trouble wearing throughout the summer because I feel like it represents Fall so well – the changing colour of leaves, pumpkins, lovely sunsets. Orange is a colour that I feel anyone can pull off if it is done in the correct way. If you think orange really isn’t your colour, than opt for an orange accessory (scarf, statement necklace), in contrast if you love orange, be bold a rock an orange dress! Here are a few options for wearing orange this fall.

at a pop of colour with a bright orange clutch.

a bold cut, orange fall coat.

an orange statement watch.

an orange cardigan.