spring fever is here.

Spring is officially in season, and although the weather isn’t quite co-operating yet, spring activities are in full swing. I like to make lists of things each season that I want to do – things a little more fun than just going to dinner with friends, or heading to a pub after work. Toronto is a great city, filled with tons of things you can do both indoors and out. Here are a few of the things I want to do this season.

go to a Blue Jays game – the Skydom (..sorry, Rogers Centre) is one of my favourite venues for concerts, games, and other events – especially in the spring/summer when they open the roof!

grow a succulent terrarium – I currently have a little cactus that my boyfriend bought me in the fall, but I don’t know how well the little guy is doing in this cold weather. I want to research more, buy a few more succulents and have a little garden.

spring clean – especially my closet! It is definitely time to switch out the big wool sweaters for shorts and fun spring skirts.

go to a concert – I love going to concerts, both indoors and out. With summer festivals right around the corner, now is the time to start booking tickets!

go to an amusement park – I find spring is the best time to do this because you don’t get sunburnt!


bag lady.

I saw this closet decor on a blog entitled Moth Design and I instantly fell in love with this DIY decoration for what should be every girl’s favourite part of their room – their closet! As I am in NYC this week, I thought it would be the perfect shopping trip to pick up some designer bags that I could frame when I get home. Though I don’t have a walk in closet yet, it would be super easy to create a sort of gallery wall with these framed bags. I am going to pick up a few small items from my favourite design houses and see what sort of ‘art’ I can create!

organization nation.

I love jewellery. Everyday pieces, costume jewellery, cocktail rings, anklets in the summer, and the list goes on. Finding the right piece of jewellery for an outfit is such a fun challenge. But I hate at the end of the day having to put all my beautiful pieces back in their boxes where I can’t see them. I read this post on The Doctor’s Closet that really sparked my interest. Why not organize your jewellery in a way that makes it almost like art?! While I would love to own a piece of furniture like the one above, I have found a few simpler ideas that I can do now, until I own a nice big walk in closet.

Idea One: Using only the bottoms of jewellery boxes, lined with some fun fabrics or patterned paper!

Idea Two: Using a curtain rod and S hooks to hang necklaces!

Idea Three: Use your favourite one-of-a-kind dishes as jewellery holders!