Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. One minute you are working away at your post-graduate degree, the next you are two months deep into an internship. It’s an interesting time – finishing school for good, looking for a career, and beginning ‘real life’. Though being in this limbo has definitely been tough.

Since my last post I have started a full-time internship which I am loving – I am super happy that I chose to go into PR because it is definitely the industry for me. However, between my internship and part-time jobs I am finding it hard to get exercise. Siting at a desk all day is actually very taxing on ones body – it isn’t programmed to sit still for eight hours a day. But have no fear, deskercising is here!

Here are some things you can do at your desk to stay active.

1) Take the stairs:
It seems so simple, but taking the stairs is actually such a good work out – especially if you can take them two at a time.
2) Wall sits:
They work your quads, don’t need a lot of space, and can be done relatively quickly – holding the sit for 30-60 seconds is best!

wall sit.

3) Calf raises:
Waiting by the printer? Do a few sets of calf raise – for a challenge do them one leg at a time.
4) Bicep curls:
Use a full water bottle in place of a weight. Do sets of 12-15 whenever you need a break from work.
5) Seated leg lifts:
While sitting at your desk, do reps of leg lifts or hold your legs out straight for 60 seconds.

leg lifts.


pumped up kicks.

Between classes, homework, two jobs, and my new puppy, I have been slacking a bit in terms of working out and getting to the gym. I am hoping to start creating a more solid weekly schedule in which I can ‘pencil in’ heading to the gym, or going for a run, or doing a BodyRock routine (they are only 12 minutes, but they are incredibly intense!). Something that always makes exercising a little more appealing is all the great running shoes that are now on the market – long gone are the days of embarrassing, un-fashionable sneakers. Below are a few of my current lust-worthy running shoes.
Remember, always get running shoes that are suited for the type of exercise you are participating in!

Nike Free Run – in Tiffany blue!

Reebok Easy Tone

Stella McCartney for Addidas


A few weeks ago I posted about a site called in this post. Since then I have been trying my best to do one of their at-home twelve minute workouts each weekday morning. There are so many great things about bodyrock – firstly it’s free! Secondly, it can be done at home. Thirdly, it doesn’t require that you have a home gym, weights, or even that much space. And fourthly, the exercises are really inventive. The workout I am linking to below only requires a sandbag. I, like many, don’t just have a two handled sandbag lying around – so instead I filled up an old gym bag with a bunch of clothes and used that instead!

Here is one of my favourite work outs from this week! It was filmed in real time and focuses on number of reps – and there are three options for the number of reps you are capable of! This workout is longer than twelve minutes because of the number of reps the girl in the video does – if you don’t have 25 minutes to work down, cut the reps in half!

body rock.

I have had a few friends tell me about a fitness website called Body Rock. Having been a dancer all my life, I rarely run out of things to do while at the gym. However, lately I have lacked motivation, and have had some trouble dragging myself to the gym because I am bored with my current routines. I finally took a look around the Body Rock website and really loved what they provided – fun, fast, and challenging routines that focus on one, or two, areas of the body and that are usually around 12 minutes long. These routines can all be done at home with just your own body weight – or they can be done in a gym with extra weights and equipment. My sister and I decided to attempt the 30 day challenge that the website had during the month of May – the challenge is a balance between sculpting, toning, strength building and yoga/stretching. Below is the first video! Wish us luck!

ps – all the body rock videos can be found at their website: – and they’re free!

work it out.

It’s mid-May and that means that bikini season is fast approaching. While I’ve never been a large person, I’ve been lucky to have a petite frame and have been a dancer/cheerleader all my life, fitness has taken a back seat to other more pressing things in my life. But, since it is my 22nd birthday on Friday, I’ve decided that it is time to re-prioritize my life and bring healthy living and fitness back to the fore front. I have always loved yoga, and I recently joined a gym near by that offers your average gym classes as well as hot yoga classes! My five fitness goals for the summer are as follows:

1 – run! I ran a 5K run last November for a friend’s charity in 36 minutes – by the end of June, I want to be able to run a 5K again in under 30 minutes.

2 – go to yoga twice a week. My excuse is the same as a lot of peoples – I don’t have time. But by really evaluating what is important, I’m going to be able to fit in a few yoga classes a week.

3 – eat whole grains. It seems simple enough, but I am an extremely picky eater who has always stuck to white pasta, white bread and my loved Kraft Dinner. It is time to change that.

4 – drink more water. When I’m thirsty I often reach for a diet coke – but I’m really going to try and drink 8 glasses of water a day instead of opting for sugary drinks.

5 – tone. I’ve always been a little shy of the weight room at a gym, but my new gym has a women’s only section that I am hoping will allow me to get over my fear of free weights and learn they are my friend!

Maybe I’ll use these new fitness goals as an excuse to buy this adorable work out tank from lululemon: