blue monday.

Today is slated as being the most depressing day of the year. It’s January, the holidays are over, the Visa bills are piled high, in Canada it’s a balmy -12 with the windchill, and the week is only supposed to get colder. There is no sun, and it is a Monday. Well shit. Today was doomed before I even rolled out of bed. I’ve been reading a really great book called A Place of Yes – the premiss of the book is not saying yes to everything that comes your way, but instead to analyze every situation you’ve been in and take the good forward, and leave the bad behind. So instead of being a debbie downer today, I’m going to survive the next few hours of class, get home and hang out with my puppy, light some nice smelling candles, and catch up on some cheesy reality tv. Here are some motivational quotes to get you through the day.



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