Happy new year! The holidays got the best of me this year, and blogging fell to the way side. With school starting today, a trip to NYC later in the week, and my internship starting next week, this year has started off with a bang. Every new years I always make a list of new years resolutions that I end up forgetting about by February. This year I decided that instead of writing out a list of 20 things I know I won’t commit to, I’ve created 3 resolutions that I think I will be able to actually stick to.

1 – drink more water: I am a diet coke fiend, and although I know it is super bad for you, I have a lot of trouble saying no to a diet coke. Instead of cutting diet coke cold turkey, I am going to try an quench my thirst with water – with is the healthiest thing you can drink!

2 – biking: I am signed up to do the Toronto version of the Ride to Conquer Cancer. This 200km bike ride needs some training, so I have drafted up a biking schedule that will have me riding at least twice at week.

3 – limit my dairy intake – last time I saw my dermatologist she suggested I stop eating all forms of dairy. This was like a food death sentence. I love cheese and all my favourite meals have cheese or milk in them. I’ve tried in the past to cut it out of my diet, but it is a lot harder than I thought. I know I’ll never be able to completely stop eating dairy, but I am going to limit how much I eat it.

Hopefully by keeping my resolutions small things that I can work on daily I will have more success with them.



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