four eyes.

I’ll never forget being a young kid and watching an episode of Arthur when he gets called a four eyes for wearing glasses. From that day forward I was terrified that I’d have to one day wear glasses and subsequently get called a four eyes. As I got older, glasses became a ‘cool’ thing. With so many different styles, colours and shapes, you can really change how you look with glasses on. One thing I often forget when I wear my glasses is how they affect what my eyes look like. My eyes tend to get a magnified a little bit, which means I should change how I do my eye makeup to balance that out.

Some tips:
– Iridescent/shimmery colours will reflect light and bring more light to your eyes.
– Don’t be afraid to play with colours that go with the colour of your frames.
– Make sure you curl your lashes so they don’t hit your lenses all day.
– If you have bigger frames, play with cat eye liner!

Below are some examples!

play with colour.

light and shimmery near the inner eye.

big frames and a cat eye.



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