friday favourites.

Hooray for the weekend! This weekend I plan on hitting the gym, taking advantage of the nice weather by hiking with my puppy, and trying out a new recipe tonight for dinner. I’ve been asked quite a bit recently to start sharing more pictures and items from my own life, rather than just sharing awesome things I find elsewhere. So this week I’ve decided to use my friday favourites post as a chance to share some things that have been happening in my life! You’ll have to let me know if you like me sharing these types of things!

favourite event: meeting up with the lovely ladies I lived with during university for a girls night out!

Stephanie, Melanie and I – 385A girls reunite!

favourite moment: Oliver dressed up as Tigger for halloween

favourite drink: the jolly rancher martini from Hey Lucy! in Toronto.

lychee martini (back) and jolly rancher martini (front).

least favourite activity: studying.

how I’ve been spending many of my days – studying at coffee shops.



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