one of those days.

Oliver – the best pup a girl could ask for.

This morning I woke up in a really crappy mood. Last night was one of those nights where you just can’t shut your brain off, which meant I didn’t have the best sleep. So instead of sulking around today, I decided to have a good day. I did two BodyRock routines this morning, because exercise is something that always gets me in a good mood. I also started reading a new book while snuggling with my puppy, Oliver. As I am still in the process of re-doing my room (bringing myself to paint is taking longer than I thought), I have found some really great quotes that I think I want to frame in my gallery wall – they are below.

To all my American readers – make sure you get out a vote today! Every vote counts, and as a Canadian, the outcome of the American election does have an impact on us!

I think I have posted this one before – but I think it is such a true statement and was the inspiration for my tattoo.


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