pumpkin swag.

When I attempt to carve a pumpkin, it ends up looking like the ones above – average, silly, and kind of like a five year old drew the face. I am no wiz with drawing – stick figures hold a special place in my heart – and I can’t properly use a pumpkin carving knife – no matter how hard I try, I always end up making one eye bigger than the other. This year, I’ve accepted defeat in the pumpkin carving arena, and decided to go about decorating pumpkins in a different way. I’m thinking paint, glitter, perhaps some lace, and other easy-to-use, easy-to-find craft materials. Below are some of the options I am going to attempt on the weekend.

lace pumpkin: got an old ripped pair of nylons? perfect, drop the pumpkin into them, tie a knot at the top, and chop off the rest of the tights!

ribbon pumpkin: head to the nearest craft store, buy some interesting ribbon, and voila! I’d suggest using hot glue over white glue to ensure the ribbon sticks.

candy corn: picked your pumpkin a little late? Not quite the greatest pumpkin shape? not a problem! paint it using craft paint to look like a candy corn!

glitter pumpkin: perfect for those little tiny pumpkins – using while or clear glue to cover the pumpkin, roll the pumpkin on a plate covered in glitter.


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