everyday essentials.

Makeup is something that I fight with – do I save or splurge? Which is better for my skin? Are drugstore brushes going to work as well as boutique brushes? After much trial and error, I have found a combination of drugstore and boutique makeup that works for my skin. My basic rules are as follows: anything that is going to be applied directly to my skin I usually spend a little more money on (I have super senstive skin that loves to break out!). Anything else (for my eyes, lips, etc.) can be bought from a cheaper brand, unless I fall inlove with a more expensive product! Below are the essential pieces that I use on an almost daily basis – sometimes I’m a little lazy and wear less, other times I have more time and will wear more! My daily pieces are typically from places like Sephora because I wear them so often, and they last a long time.

What are your everyday essentials?

everyday essentials.

Clinique blush
$34 – harrods.com

Bare escentual
$38 – debenhams.com

Bare escentual
$17 – asos.com

Bare escentual
$38 – johnlewis.com

Mac cosmetic
$42 – debenhams.com

Stila eyeliner

Clinique lip care


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