keep it comfy.

As much as I love fashion, clothes, and shopping, if I could, I wouldn’t hesitate to live my life in sweatpants or workout pants (specifically my favourite pair of lululemon groove pants!). You know those mornings where your alarm goes off at 5:15am because you work at 6am, and it’s still dark outside? Those are the mornings where I wish it was appropriate to roll out of bed and stay in comfy clothes. But thats not how the world works, and there are too many fabulous clothing pieces out there that need to be worn and shown off! With fall in full swing, there are some great options for staying comfy while not looking like a bum. Below are some of my favourites!

boots, leggings, big sweater, belt.

sweater dress, nylons, infinity scar, button up.

leather jeggings, t-shirt, leather jacket, loafers.


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