I am still very sick today. I’m spending the day at home with my puppy and a big cup of tea. Below is a really good video I found on how to properly contour your foundation. I have tried similar techniques in the past, but found that this specific video really allowed me to achieve the look I was going for. A lot of the makeup she uses can be purchased at a drug store rather than a high-end makeup store. Always make sure you test out and use the colours best for your skin – not just what is in the video!


2 thoughts on “contour.

  1. Very interesting. Make-up has always been interesting to me. There are so many new products out there, it is difficult to choose what works and it has been helpful to see the application. Thank you

    • I’m happy you found the video helpful! I also find it really helpful to go into a department store and have the makeup artists pick out colours for you that match your skin tone/eye/hair/etc.


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