dairy no more.

It is not until you attempt to stop eating dairy, that you realize how prevalent it is in a common Canadian diet. I was recently told by my doctor that I had to cut dairy out of my diet – I almost wanted to cry. All of my favourite foods have dairy of some sort included in their recipes – have I ever mentioned my love of all things cheesy?! Pasta, pizza, ham & swiss sandwiches, nachos, grilled cheese, lattes with skim milk, cheese flavoured popcorn toppings, baked potatoes with butter, the list goes on. So this past week I have been spending some time looking up dairy-free recipes or dairy substitutes that I can use as new ingredients in my favourite foods. Here are a few of the recipes that I am planning to try soon.

This pizza calls for mozzarella, but I would substitute it with vegan cheese substitute that can be bought at any health food store.

dairy free crepes with a fruit filling.

dairy-free chocolate covered bananas.



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