there’s no place like home.

The iconic line ‘there’s no place like home’ defines the film The Wizard of Oz, but what always stuck out in my mind was Dorothy’s glorious sparkly, red heels. I don’t own a pair of red heels (sparkly or not) but they are definitely on my lust-list! An all black outfit, with a pair of killer red heels would be to die for. Here are a few pairs that I adore.

an updated version of the dorothy heels.

red with bows.

red suede pumps.


3 thoughts on “there’s no place like home.

  1. I found a way.. find a pair of Black leather heels that are comfy, but not necessarily so “cute” ( non patent) and get 2 bottles ruby slippers from china glaze then the magic happens, paint them with 3 coats and finally a coat of Glass slipper or high gloss clear. works amazing!!!


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