get cheeky.

Summertime means sun-kissed skin – a look that makes everyone glow on the inside and out. I am a big fan of using bronzer during the day time to mimic that sun-kissed look without the damaging effects of burning your face. At nights, I love using blush to contrast the ever-present bronzed look that graces my face during the day. I have also been experimenting with contouring my makeup following this tutorial. Though I haven’t quite got the idea of contouring down pat – I think I am missing a few shades of makeup that I can hopefully purchase soon. It is amazing how you can change the shape of your face with a few products! Here are some of my cheeky faves!

everyday: Bare Minerals loose powder bronzer

it is good for your skin, light, and airy!

everynight: Nars ‘orgasm’ hard powder blush

super flattering colour for all skin tones.

tools for contouring: Clinique ‘up-lighting’ liquid illuminator

a light, liquid illuminator that gives a subtle shimmer.

MAC cremeblend blush

a little heavier, cremeblend blush.



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