wax on, wax off.

A few weeks ago, I was choose to be a Veet Canada Beauty Ambassador! As a beauty ambassador I am gifted some of the new Veet products and asked to review them on Facebook, my blog, and YouTube. This week I receive my first product to review – the Veet Easy Wax electrical roll on kit. I have to first say that I am a big fan of waxing, though I have been hesitant to try ‘at-home’ kits. The claims of the product say it heats up within 20 minutes, has the same ingredients as salon wax, and leaves the skin smooth for up to 4 weeks.

The kit comes with a few things – the heating device, the wax refill, 12 strips, 4 post-wax strips, a base to hold the device and instructions! I tried to follow the instructions as closely as possible, and was very pleased with my results. The wax was ready to go just after the 20 minute mark, though it did not remove all of the hair. I found that there really wasn’t any pain – I was expecting a lot worse because I do not have any sort of ‘waxing’ technique! My only other negative point is that I will have to purchase more cloth strips because 12 was not sufficient for more than one use! As for leaving my legs smooth and hairless for 4 weeks, I can’t vouch for that yet, but it sure lasts longer than shaving.

If you live in Canada, and want to give this product a try, it can be purchased at Well.ca – as a bonus of being a beauty ambassador, readers of this blog can receive $10 off their purchase of this kit as well as free shipping by using this code: VEET1MGUTE

Stay tuned for a YouTube review and how-to!



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