A few weeks ago I posted about a site called in this post. Since then I have been trying my best to do one of their at-home twelve minute workouts each weekday morning. There are so many great things about bodyrock – firstly it’s free! Secondly, it can be done at home. Thirdly, it doesn’t require that you have a home gym, weights, or even that much space. And fourthly, the exercises are really inventive. The workout I am linking to below only requires a sandbag. I, like many, don’t just have a two handled sandbag lying around – so instead I filled up an old gym bag with a bunch of clothes and used that instead!

Here is one of my favourite work outs from this week! It was filmed in real time and focuses on number of reps – and there are three options for the number of reps you are capable of! This workout is longer than twelve minutes because of the number of reps the girl in the video does – if you don’t have 25 minutes to work down, cut the reps in half!



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