summer scents.

Summer is by far my favourite season. I love being outdoors, I love spending time at my cottage, and I especially love the sun. Aside from being able to switch to my summer wardrobe, my next favourite summer style change is being able to switch to all my spring and summer perfumes. In the summer I really love light, airy, fresh scents.

My four favourite summer scents are the ones below. I love the Bobbi Brown one because it smells a tad like sunscreen which is extremely reminiscent of the beach! Flora, by Gucci, has a beautiful and airy floral scent that isn’t too overdone. My housemate all through university was an avid wearing of D&G’s Light Blue and I’ve loved it’s fresh smell every since! Lastly, the Marc Jacobs summer scent line – especially the hibiscus one – is absolutely lovely and reminds me so much of being on vacation.

summer scents

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics fragrance
$68 –

Gucci fragrance
$70 –



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