body rock.

I have had a few friends tell me about a fitness website called Body Rock. Having been a dancer all my life, I rarely run out of things to do while at the gym. However, lately I have lacked motivation, and have had some trouble dragging myself to the gym because I am bored with my current routines. I finally took a look around the Body Rock website and really loved what they provided – fun, fast, and challenging routines that focus on one, or two, areas of the body and that are usually around 12 minutes long. These routines can all be done at home with just your own body weight – or they can be done in a gym with extra weights and equipment. My sister and I decided to attempt the 30 day challenge that the website had during the month of May – the challenge is a balance between sculpting, toning, strength building and yoga/stretching. Below is the first video! Wish us luck!

ps – all the body rock videos can be found at their website: – and they’re free!


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