champagne showers

sand tropez by Essie.

Painting your nails is like another extension of putting together a great outfit. Nail colour, or design, can really compliment a look, or can even be a focal point. With so many great nail colours, designs, and ideas floating around the internet (the Beauty Department has a ton of great tutorials on more elaborate designs!), it is no wonder that nail polish companies are pushing the boundaries with their new collections – looking at fashion trends and designing their colours to follow the trends. A trend that I am particularly enjoying right now is champagne nails. The neutral shades look great on any skin tone, the colours are usually very pretty, and with all the fun colours and neons in outfits right now, these neutral champagne colours keep the attention on one’s clothes! Above is my current favourite – Sand Tropez by Essie – and below are four other shades that I am dying to try!

champagne showers



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