pretty pleats.

I saw the above picture on pinterest awhile back and decided it was high time that I find a nice pleated skirt. While I was in New York City a few weeks back I found what has to be one of the largest Zara stores in North America – it was one of four on 5th Avenue! I am fairly small, so while I fell in love with many of the Zara Woman pleated skirts, I was lucky enough to fit into a really adorable grey tulle pleated skirt that I found in the girls section! Not only was the skirt about half the price as the one’s in the woman’s line, but it fit it quite a lot better – no need to take it in, as many Zara items do not come in an extra small or a size 0. Zara often features a ‘mommy and me’ line in their girls section – one that mimics almost identically the pieces they make in the women’s section.

Below is how I styled the skirt!



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