surf’s up.

Ever since I started watching Laguna Beach many years ago in high school, I have been so jealous of the girls who live near an ocean. So often on shows set in California or Miami feature girls with beautiful, wind swept, effortless beach waves. Living in Toronto, I only see the ocean while on vacation – something that does not happen often enough. So to achieve the awesome beachy hairstyle I so desire I always turn to a sea salt spray. My current favourite spray is Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray. It can be found at any Sephora but comes with a pretty expensive price tag – $29.50 Canadian per bottle. It works incredibly well and the bottle lasts a surprisingly long time considering the amount of product I have to use – I have the thickest, and longest hair. More recently, I have seen some ‘recipes’ for making your own surf spray – I am tempted to try it and see if it has similar results!

Has anyone ever made their own surf spray?


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