beach bum.

In February I went on a last hurrah Spring Break trip to the Dominican Republic with 700 university seniors. Upon making a million packing lists (I am a list-aholic) I made probably the most vital mistake when travelling to a beach location – I forgot my beach bag. Not only did I forget to even pack one, but I had nothing even remotely large enough to carry all my must-haves for the beach (sunscreen, a book, my hat, sunglasses, etc). The only bag I packed was a small clutch that I could carry my camera and room key with at night. Things got so desperate that one of the days I used my large towel and fashioned a carry-all of sorts – it resembled the kind of sacks that stereotypical runaway children had in cartoons. Needless to say, beach bag is now the number one thing I write on my list of things to pack when heading down south – in fact, a somewhat large carry all should probably be packed on all trips. Here are some of my current favourite totes that could work as awesome beach bags.

beach bum.

Oversized handbag
$118 –

GAP hobo handbag
$40 –

Nine West straw tote
$69 –



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