friday favourites.

It is the end of the week – and this week flew by because of the holiday Monday! I love that in Canada all the summer months have at least one long weekend – that one extra day off really does make a huge difference! This week was filled with lots of sunshine and I am hoping that the lovely weather is here to stay. My plans for the weekend are not too substantial, but I am headed on a mission tomorrow to buy a new desk – hopefully I will find one that is functional while still complementing the new design for the room that I plan to tackle within the next month or so. Here are some of my favourite pictures and ideas from this week!

Favourite colour scheme – I hope to use something along these lines for the room redecoration I am planning!

Favourite party erik accessory – lace parasols!

Favourite smell – capri volcano from Anthropologie

Favourite words:

do you have any big plans for this weekend?
xx jamie



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