& may the odds.

I’m a little late with hoping on this band wagon. Considering the film premiered in North America almost two months ago, and the trilogy has been out for ages, I feel that as a book lover and ex-film/media major I should have probably been on top of this phenomenon ages ago. But nonetheless, I finally saw the film about two weeks ago, and only today finished the third novel. All I can say is wow. Like most novels turned films, those who read the books first didn’t feel the film did it any justice. But I tend to look at them as completely separate things. Without going on to review, rant, and rave about the film and the trilogy I will leave you with this – the books are fantastic, leaving you unable to put them down, and the first film has left audiences everywhere wanting more.

Any thoughts on the novels or films?


2 thoughts on “& may the odds.


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