change it up.

I get bored of my home, and room, decor fairly easily, but redoing a whole room is costly, and takes a lot of time and planning. Like changing an outfit, or dying your hair, changing the decor of a room, or moving around furniture, is an awesome way to freshen things up and have some creative fun. So more often than not, when I start to get bored of a room’s decor I look to easy, and inexpensive, changes or DIY projects I can do to spice up the decor. Below are some small items to change, or small DIY projects, that are easy, inexpensive, and cute, that still make a noticeable change to a room.

1 – Change the lamp shades – or DIY a lamp shade by using lace and some spray paint!

2 – Buy, or sew, some new curtains that compliment the room’s current colour scheme.

3 – Buy, or build, a tray to set on an ottoman, end table, or dresser.


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