a tourist in the city.

While roaming the streets of NYC, it is pretty evident who is, and who is not, a tourist. While I myself am I tourist, I pride myself on not looking the part. The running shoes, cameras, I heart NY t-shirts, and constant upwards gazes all give a person away. While looking like a tourist isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I find that you are often treated different by the locals if they know you are not from the city. Knowing what a ‘tourist’ looks like also helps eliminate a number of people when you actually need to ask someone for help – asking five people where 42nd and Lex is gets a little tiring when everyone around you has no idea what you are talking about. So, below is a quick list of things that I think help make you look a little less like a tourist.

1 – dress the part! Cities – especially NYC – celebrate uniqueness. It is not uncommon to see those dressed in suits walking the sidewalks beside those dressed head to toe in bright colours!

2 – keep your head down. Nothing gives away a tourist more than constantly staring up at the buildings and surroundings.

3 – know how to flag a taxi or use the subway! Transportation in a foreign city is something that takes a little bit of practise to tackle – but once you understand the basics, it makes getting around so much faster and easier!



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