swept away.

In less than 10 hours I will finally be finished my undergrad! The past month has been filled with studying, note writing, cue cards and of course the dreaded ‘troll bun’. What is a troll bun you ask? It is that giant mess on your head – when you pile all of your hair up high, to get it out of your face while you are studying and writing it exams. It isn’t pretty. Lucky for me, the wonderful world of Pinterest has opened up my eyes to a bunch of fun hair styles that keep your hair up, and swept off your face, without looking like a troll. Below are a few of my favourites, that are simple to do and look great!

Add a bow to your bun!

Braid the front pieces of hair, and pin them in the back to keep them off your face.

Try the hair bow – below was my attempt at creating a hair bow.


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