organization nation.

I love jewellery. Everyday pieces, costume jewellery, cocktail rings, anklets in the summer, and the list goes on. Finding the right piece of jewellery for an outfit is such a fun challenge. But I hate at the end of the day having to put all my beautiful pieces back in their boxes where I can’t see them. I read this post on The Doctor’s Closet that really sparked my interest. Why not organize your jewellery in a way that makes it almost like art?! While I would love to own a piece of furniture like the one above, I have found a few simpler ideas that I can do now, until I own a nice big walk in closet.

Idea One: Using only the bottoms of jewellery boxes, lined with some fun fabrics or patterned paper!

Idea Two: Using a curtain rod and S hooks to hang necklaces!

Idea Three: Use your favourite one-of-a-kind dishes as jewellery holders!


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