neon dreams.

If you look through my closet, you will find varying shades of gray, a lot of black, and the occasional coloured shirt. One of my new years resolutions for this year was to increase the amount of colour I wear on a day to day basis. For the past few seasons, there has been so much talk about ‘pops of colour’ and colour blocking – trends that I am absolutely loving on other people, but not so much on myself. Being a habitual shade wearer, I have convinced myself that I will buy some fun coloured pieces while in NYC in May. This season, the onset of neon has been amazing, and I am excited about the different ways neon can be incorporated into an everyday outfit – like the picture above! (the ‘model’ in the shot above is the lovely Ashley Madekwe from the television show Revenge – if you don’t already watch it you should!)

Some other neon ‘pops of colour’ that I am thinking I may try:

The Cambridge Satchel.

CC Skye Portico Bracelet:

Gorjana Century Waist Belt:


4 thoughts on “neon dreams.

  1. I love that satchel! I wish I had the balls to buy and use it. It’s a little flashy for what I’m comfortable with. But I love it!


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