Do or Don’t: The Mullet Skirt

Do or Don't: The Mullet Skirt

Rare London skirt
£10 –

Patterson J Kincaid skirt
$168 –

Standing at an impressive 5’4″, I’ve always been one to shy away from any ‘maxi’. But I really like the maxi trend and think it can look amazing on people who can pull off that length of dress or skirt. More recently, I’ve seen these new hybrid skirts that are short in the front, and long in the back – sort of like a mullet! What I love about them is they give you the style of a maxi skirt, but the short length in the front doesn’t cut off you legs – instead it shows them off. This is a perfect skirt people like me who are on the shorter side and don’t feel they can pull off a full length skirt or dress. They are definitely a different kind of style that some may not feel comfortable trying – but once I find one I like I think I will try it out!


2 thoughts on “Do or Don’t: The Mullet Skirt

  1. I like them but it depends on how short the front it, if it’s too short then I’d wear it with tights. As for the length of maxi clothes, don’t worry, if it’s too long you can take them up abit and re-sew/hem, it’s very simple and can be done by hand or sewing machine. That way whatever the item is, it will be perfect for you regardless of height.


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