wishful wednesday.

I’m headed to NYC in a few weeks! In an attempt to be able to shop til I drop while I’m there, I’m trying my best to not shop now until I touch down in the city. Basically living in the library has been a great deterrent, but my favorite online shopping sites provide me with some much needed ‘window’ shopping. I saw this Proenza Schouler bag added to a look on the Native Fox site a while back, and it hasn’t left my mind since. I love its versatility and classic style, but the price tag is equivalent to a quarter of my tuition. Hopefully while in New York I can find a similar style for cheaper.


2 thoughts on “wishful wednesday.

  1. I’m headed to NYC next weekend and I am so excited. I’ve been trying to cutback on my spending in the mean time as well, (though I’ll admit I don’t know how good a job I’ve done on that.) That is a cute bag by the way, and I bet you can find something cheaper with a much prettier price tag!


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